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Hypothetical Future Diplomacy Scenario

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1. Only join If you are committed to playing for weeks (and months) on end.
2. War:
- Wait 1 turn between declaring and attacking.
- Declarations must include the phrase "declare war" and specify who is declaring on whom (You may declare on behalf of an alliance), and what the war intentions are (e.g.: Acquire Territory, Hegemony, Humiliation, Annexation, etc.), either side may add more goals.
3. Peace:
- Peace may be Negotiated between single nations and/or alliances.
4. Alliances:
- Nations do NOT have to honour their alliances when called upon however they may gain a negative reputation if they don't
-- Military (Normal) - If a nation is involved in a war, other nations should help
-- Coalition - A group of nations allied against a single nation. If one nation goes to war the others are obliged to help
-- Defensive - If a nation is declared upon, other nations Should help
-- Non-Aggression - These nations should not go to war
5. Other Diplomatic Arrangements:
-- Union - These nations should be treated as a single entity
-- Guarantee of Independence - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
-- Satellite - These nations have autonomy, however they are under the control of the parent nation.
6. Don't complain about the scenario. I know it's unlikely, but it's designed to give a variety of role-play opportunities.

- After making a mess of brexit, Britain votes in a labour government under Jeremy Corbyn. Over the next few years, Britain develops closer relations with her former colonies.
- America under Trump is more divided than ever. Some states' independence movements gain massive support. Their relations with former allies are similarly in tatters, due to the trade wars started by the trump administration.
- The European Union starts centralising government and introducing legislation to pave the way to a single European Nation.
- Turkey continues to increase the influence of Islam in their politics and daily life. Meanwhile they intensify their attempts to remove the Kurdish population from both Turkey and Syria.
- North and South Korea make progress in their talks following the thaw in relations after the 2018 Olympics. The South and the US distance themselves slightly from one another in an attempt to ease relations with the north.
- The Union State of Russia and Belarus reforms as the Russian Confederation, With a new flag and more federated rule.
- China reaches out to the other communist nations of the world in order to revive the idea of Comecon.
- The Commonwealth of Nations expands it's roles to include more than simple cultural history and cooperation such as trade, defence, and closer governmental ties.
- Texas is the first state in America to successfully succeed from the US. California and Alaska quickly follow.
- The European Union Declares itself a sovereign nation. Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland join.
- Saudi Arabia and Turkey form an alliance and pledge to unite all Muslims under a single flag and announce the formation of The Islamic Alliance and the start of the Islamic War.
-- Saudi Arabia Launches an offensive against the other Arabian Nations. They quickly capitulate.
-- Turkey makes inroads into Syria and succeeds in forcing them to join the Islamic Alliance.
-- Faced with a massive imbalance of power, Iran forms a coalition to combat the emerging powerhouse, Only finding support from Azerbaijan and displaced Kurds.
-- Unable to stay out of the conflict Iraq collapses as multiple border incursions and immense civil unrest rips through the nation. The Islamic Alliance and The Islamic Coalition annex parts of the nation.
-- An uneasy ceasefire develops as neither side wants to progress to open warfare. Instead The Islamic Alliance reaches out to the Sunni Populations in Northern Africa.
- The talks in Korea break down and the two sides are on the verge of renewed warfare. The US refuses to intervene and the south turns to Japan for support.
- Russia Invests heavily in Alaska. Alaska gradually becomes closer to Russia.
- Cuba and Vietnam happily join China's Organisation, with North Korea joining after their talks broke down.
- Japan takes the opportunity to redeclare the Empire and attempt to incorporate South Korea.
- Noticing the emergence of multiple mega-nations, the Commonwealth of Nations unites under the British flag with the King as head of state.
- Texas and California flourish. Alaska is unable to maintain control and turns to Russia for support forcing them to join the Confederation.
- The EU accepts requests from the remaining European nations to join but refuses to accept the requests of former European colonies who feel pressured by the emergence of Britannia and the Islamic Alliance.
- Without EU support, most of northern Africa turns to Britannia to protect them from the aggression they've been subjected to in the Alliance's attempt to incorporate the predominately Islamic nations. Not wishing to involve themselves in the Islamic conflict, Britannia only accepts those nations the Alliance has not set their sights on.
- Realising that they were limited to a single continent and a couple of isolated territories still technically part of constituent countries, the EU hastily invites former colonies to join in order to maintain a global presence.

Slot Name Flag
A Federal Kingdom Of Britannia
B European Union
C Russian Confederation
D United States of America
E The Islamic Republic
F The People's Republic
G Imperial State of Japan
H United States of Central America
I Union of South American Nations
J Federative Republic of Brazil
K Union of the Southern Cone
L State of Israel
M Republic of California
N The Lone Star State

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