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Early-Mid 1800s Scenario Diplomacy
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Early-Mid 1800s Scenario Diplomacy

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1. Only join If you are committed to playing for weeks (and months) on end.
2. War:
- Wait 1 turn between declaring and attacking.
- Declarations must include the phrase "declare war" and specify who is declaring on whom (You may declare on behalf of an alliance), and what the war intentions are (e.g.: Acquire Territory, Hegemony, Humiliation, Annexation, etc.), either side may add more goals.
3. Peace:
- Peace may be Negotiated between single nations and/or alliances.
4. Alliances:
- Nations do NOT have to honour their alliances when called upon however they may gain a negative reputation if they don't
-- Military (Normal) - If a nation is involved in a war, other nations should help
-- Coalition - A group of nations allied against a single nation. If one nation goes to war the others are obliged to help
-- Defensive - If a nation is declared upon, other nations Should help
-- Non-Aggression - These nations should not go to war
5. Other Diplomatic Arrangements:
-- Union - These nations should be treated as a single entity
-- Guarantee of Independence - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
-- Satellite - These nations have autonomy, however they are under the control of the parent nation.

Slot Name Flag
A United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Ireland
(Great Power)
B French Kingdom
(Great Power)
C Kingdom of Prussia
(Great Power)
D Russian Empire
(Great Power)
E Ottoman Empire
(Great Power)
F Austrian Empire
(Great Power)
AA Kingdom of Denmark
AB United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
AC Kingdom of the Netherlands
Kingdom of Belgium
AE Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg & - Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck
AF Kingdom of Hanover & - Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen
AG Misc. German States
AH Kingdom of Württemberg
AI Kingdom of Saxony
AJ Hesse
AK Grand Duchy of Baden
AL Kingdom of Bavaria
AW Schleswig-Holstein
AX Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
AM Swiss Confederation
AN States of the Church
AO Grand Duchy of Tuscany
AP Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
AQ Kingdom of Sardinia
AR Principality of Andorra
AS Kingdom of Spain
AT Kingdom of Portugal
AU Kingdom of Greece
AV Circassia

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