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Hypothetical Future Diplomacy Scenario (Work In Progress)

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1. Only join If you are committed to playing for weeks (and months) on end.
2. War:
- Wait 1 turn between declaring and attacking.
- Declarations must include the phrase "declare war" and specify who is declaring on whom (You may declare on behalf of an alliance), and what the war intentions are (e.g.: Acquire Territory, Hegemony, Humiliation, Annexation, etc.), either side may add more goals.
3. Peace:
- Peace may be Negotiated between single nations and/or alliances.
4. Alliances:
- A: Military (Normal) - If a nation is involved in a war, other nations may help
- B: Defensive - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
- C: Non-Aggression - These nations should not go to war
- D: Guarantee of Independence - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
- E: Satellite - These nations have autonomy, however they are under the control of the parent nation.
- AB&C are mutual, D&E are one-way
- Nations do NOT have to honour their alliances when called upon however they may gain a negative reputation if they don't
5. Don't complain about the scenario. I know it's unlikly, but it's designed to give a variety of roleplay opportunities.

- After making a mess of brexit, Britain votes in a labour government under Jeremy Corbyn. Over the next few years, Britain develops closer relations with her former colonies.
- America under Trump is more divided than ever. Some states' independance movements gain massive support.

Slot Name Flag
A Federal Kingdom Of Britannia
B European Union
C Russian Federation
D United States of America
E The Islamic Republic
F The People's Republic
G State of Japan