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Early-Mid 1800s Scenario Diplomacy (Advanced)

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By joining this game, you are agreeing to abide by all rules of the game and committing to taking your turn in a timely manner


When a nation declares war on another they must wait 1 turn before ordering attacks
When a war is declared both sides have the option to rally their allies

There are 5 major types of alliance in this game:
A: Military (Normal) - If a nation is involved in a war other nations may help
B: Defensive - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
C: Non-Aggression - These nations may not go to war until the alliance runs out
D: Guarantee of Independence - If a nation is declared upon other nations may help
E: Satellite - One nation Controls another's participation in wars and alliances

AB&C are mutual, D&E are one-way
Nations do NOT have to honour their alliances when called upon however they may gain a negative reputation
All alliances last 5 turns but may be renewed as long as both nations agree.

Suing for Peace:
At any time, a nation may sue for peace by contacting another by PM
In a mass war, alliance leaders may make separate peace with opposing nations or negotiate peace on behalf of the entire alliance

There are 3 types of peace:
A: White Peace - All borders return to the pre-war state
B: Concessions - A nation gives up part of its former territory
C: Satellite - A nation becomes the satellite of the other

Slots: ~ The Great Powers ~
A - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
B - French Kingdom
C - Kingdom of Prussia
D - Russian Empire
E - Ottoman Empire
F - Austrian Empire
~ End ~
AA - Kingdom of Denmark
AB - United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
AC - Kingdom of the Netherlands
AD - Kingdom of Belgium
~ German Confederation (Simplified) ~ (Lead by Prussia and Austria)
AW - Schleswig-Holstein (Satellite of Denmark (Pre Turn 10))
AX - Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
AE - Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg & - Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck
AF - Kingdom of Hanover & Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
AG - Misc. German States
AH - Kingdom of Württemberg
AI - Kingdom of Saxony
AJ - Hesse
AK - Grand Duchy of Baden
AL - Kingdom of Bavaria
~ End ~
AM - Swiss Confederation
AN - States of the Church (Papal States)
AO - Grand Duchy of Tuscany
AP - Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
AQ - Kingdom of Sardinia
AR - Principality of Andorra
AS - Kingdom of Spain
AT - Kingdom of Portugal
AU - Kingdom of Greece
AV - Circassia

Other Notes:
Prussia and Austria start with a joint control over the German Confederation
Russia and Circassia start at war
While alliance and peace negotiations should happen in private the outcome must be stated in public chat