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If you would like to beta test my mods you can download them from my discord server
Flirty Spouce (Angry Buff) 2 options:
Less Angry::
Reduces the Angry Buff from +3 to +1. (The Buff will still say +3 but it is only +1)
Not Angry:
 Makes the Buff +0 and hides it.
Download V 1.0.0
Ghost Needs (Removed) Ghosts don't need food or sleep.
Hence I have removed the Bladder, Hunger, Tiredness, and Hygiene needs from ghosts.
Mod Hosted on MTS
Trait/Life State Inheritance This mod allows certain traits and life states to be inherited and/or used as a club filter.
The club filters mod also increases the maximum number of sims in a club to 20.
Mod Hosted on MTS
No Death Reactions This mod stops sims mourning when a sim dies nearby. Download V 1.0.0
No Sadness on a missed birthday This mod stops sims getting sadness buffs when they miss their birthdays. Download V 1.0.0
Child Auto-Snack (Disabled) Requested by 'Hathorik' on Discord
This mod stops children getting quick meals from the fridge.
Download V 1.0.0
Chicken Nuggets are Meat Noticed by 'TruthSimmer' on Discord
This mod makes vegetarian sims react correctly when they eat chicken nuggets.
Download V 1.0.0
Please Note: Mods hosted on my website are not regularly updated and could stop working after any EA patch. If you would like me to create or update a mod please use one of the methods listed here
If you are using Microsoft Edge the .package files might download as .htm or .html, once they've finished downloading just change the extension to .package.

Here are a couple of troubleshooting programs I made to help fix your game if something goes wrong:

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