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Please Note: Mods hosted on my website are not regularly updated and could stop working after any EA patch. If you would like me to create or update a mod please use one of the methods listed here
Flirty Spouce (Angry Buff) 2 options:
Less Angry::
Reduces the Angry Buff from +3 to +1. (The Buff will still say +3 but it is only +1)
Not Angry:
 Makes the Buff +0 and hides it.
Download V 1.0.0
Ghost Needs (Removed) Ghosts don't need food or sleep.
Hence I have removed the Bladder, Hunger, Tiredness, and Hygiene needs from ghosts.
Mod Hosted on MTS
Trait/Life State Inheritance This mod allows certain traits and life states to be inherited and/or used as a club filter.
The club filters mod also increases the maximum number of sims in a club to 20.
Mod Hosted on MTS
Child Auto-Snack (Disabled) Requested by 'Hathorik' on Discord
This mod stops children getting quick meals from the fridge.
Download V 1.0.0
If you are using Microsoft Edge the .package files might download as .htm or .html, once they've finished downloading just change the extension to .package.
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