Universal RPG

About Our Game

We are working on this new RPG. I plan on making all the resorces for it avaliable online along with instructions and ideas for missions. This new RPG will be centered around a tech tree which will grant new abilities and proficiencies as you gain experiance in certain areas.

For example: In the strength branch of the tree there is a proficiency called 'Melee Fighting', which grants the proficiency 'Fist Fighting', which in turn grants the proficiency 'Unarmed'. If you take part in a fist fight using no weapons, you will gain exp. in the 'Unarmed' proficiency. As you continue to gain exp. your 'Unarmed' rank would increase and if you ranked it up to level 10 you would unlock the skill 'Power Fist'. It's similar proccess for Mining. You start with the ability to detect only common ores and when you use your pickaxe it only yeilds a small amount of ore. However, after enough mining your 'Ore Detecting' and 'Pickaxe' Profiiencies will rank up yeilding rarer ore and more ores mined at a time.

The game will require some standard RPG dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%). The tech tree is still under construction and some pages will refer you back to the home page (this is to avoid a 404 error) until that page has been created.